The man from "Taured"
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Internet urban legend 003: The man from "Taured"

Info: Supposedly, in 1954 a man in a black suit, tie, and hat entered a Japanese airport. When his passport was inspected, it was discovered that it had been officially distributed and approved by a country called "Taured". Confused, airport employees asked the man to point out his country on a large world map located at the airport. A bit outraged, the man pointed out where the country Taured should be. Where he claimed it was, there were multiple smaller country's near France. His passport was confirmed to be legitimate, but still after triple checking, there was no country called Taured. The man was sent into a nearby hotel with 2 immigration officers, and after sleeping the night, they checked on him. Everything he owned along with him was gone. An investigation was sent out, but nothing came of it.

This seems sorta believable at first, but there's 1- tiny little inconsistency. There is no records of this happening, and there has never been any records of it. For now, this is just an urban legend, but lets look at some facts:

  • There is no records of this event.
  • There's no records of the police search.

And even if this was real, there's a few inconsistencies with the story itself. Why did the employees question the man in the first place? It could have been an obscure small country they've never heard of. No one knows every country in the world. Furthermore, why didn't they monitor the man? Leaving him alone in a room under these circumstances would not seem like a logical thing to do.

In the end, this is a good example of a nice short urban legend, but with no real facts to back it up.


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