The "4chan alien"
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Internet urban legend 002: "The 4chan alien"

Info: On January 22nd, 2017, there was a thread posted on the /pol/ board of 4chan. This thread lasted for about 1 minute and 40 seconds. After this time, the entire 4chan website went down. When it came back up, the thread was no where to be found. Now your most likely wondering "Ok, spoopy thread, lasted a bit under 2 minutes. Why is this important?". The reason people started hyping up this certain thread is because of what it contained. The thread is claimed by witnesses to have contained a realistic, high resolution image of a yellow alien. The image was never saved, but all witnesses of it stated similar descriptions of the image:

  • The "alien" was tinted dark yellow and had wrinkly skin.
  • The alien had large, deep black eyes.
  • The alien had tiny lips, scales, and was looking slightly at the camera.

Along with the alien, many people attempted to figure out why 4chan went down shortly after the thread was posted. Research was done, and it was found out that 4chan went down due to maintenance. The fact that 4chan would be going down for maintenance on January 22nd 2017 was public before the original alien thread was posted, which led to speculation that the whole event was a carefully planned out hoax.

Everything stayed silent for a while. Fake images popped up, threads were made. But nothing really came of the 4chan alien image. That was.. until a corrupted version of the original image was found. After reverse image searching the found image, it lead back to an image of a high resolution alien used for an X files related film. Bingo. Shortly after this revelation, the creator of original thread came clean. He confirmed that the image was indeed fake, and posted both source images used to create the hoax. As to how the hoax was planned, multiple users, including the creator the thread, created a discord group. They found out the exact time that 4chan was supposed to go down, photo shopped an image with an alien, and posted it to /pol/ for the world to see. As of now, the image has been debunked completely, and the original alien picture can be found online.

Credits: Research from this page mostly came from this video on the topic by Scare Theater on youtube.

Below you can find the corrupted image that led to this being debunked.

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