Mariana's Web
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Internet urban legend 001: "Mariana's Web"

Info: The Mariana's Web is claimed to be the deepest level of the internet. The origins of the myth are unknown, however, it is stated by some to only be accessible via a quantum computer. Currently, we do not posses quantum technology to access this level of the worldwide web. Unlike the Deep web, which can be accessed by tor and many other browsers, the Mariana's Web has sustained status over the years as a legend, due to the fact that, to put it simply, it does not make sense. For example:

  • One large argument is, if the Mariana's Web can only be used with quantum computers, then it does not exist. Since we don't have quantum tech, who would have created the Mariana's Web? The government? Which brings us to the next issue.
  • Despite certain speculation, it is not confirmed that any world government currently has access to a single quantum computer.

So, until further info comes out, this is a simple myth. A legend you can find around the internet, with no real confirmed evidence.

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